Day 1 – scissors

First day outfitThe first day of my week living on Walgreens alone.

I went to bed last night feeling despondent about how horrible I might look this week. But I had an epiphany as I lay tossing and turning: scissors! I could cut up the Walgreens clothes however I like!

So this morning I attacked the teal sweatshirt. I cut off all the bands at the neck, wrists and bottom, and sliced the front open. Voila! A Japanese-y deconstructed sort of cardigan. Then I cut open the neck of my t-shirt and folded the corners under. Much better. I even went and bought a black sweatshirt today at lunch so I could make myself a versatile black cardigan. Hmmm, if I could find an XXXL sweatshirt I could maybe even make a little black dress. I’ve noticed they sell belts at Walgreens, just haven’t bought one yet.

With the dance pants, brown T-shirt turned v-neck, black pleather jacket and my groovy corduroy slippers, not such a bad outfit for the first day.

From this sweatshirt... this deconstructed cardigan


2 Responses to Day 1 – scissors

  1. Jessica says:

    Do you know the maker of the black pleather jacket? I know this is so. .. Old but I loved mine and it was stolen. I’ve tried replacing it with others but none fit the same. This one was made to fit me. I’ve checked jackets up to 300 none for quite as well.

    • Pam says:

      I hear you, Jessica. I LOVED that jacket. Mine finally fell apart, but I would love to find another just like it. I still look in the Walgreens aisles hoping to find one.

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