Why rich people look nicer

OK, I get it now. Expensive clothes look better than cheap clothes, at least mass-produced cheap clothes. I have found no pants at Walgreens. Sweatpants, yes, which I refuse to buy, leggings and workout pants yes, which I did buy. But can I actually wear them out in public? Nobody looks good in leggings.

I tried on one potential outfit: leggings, white t-shirt and sweatshirt. I certainly could wear it if push comes to shove, but I feel like I’m wearing a costume. Actually, what I really feel like is me from the 80s. Well, me from the 80s, plus 20 pounds. Not a good feeling or memory.

Still no shoes, but I did find some house slippers that are plain black corduroy with a plastic sole. They’re almost, almost like a pair of black loafers.

The week starts tomorrow. Why am I doing this again?



8 Responses to Why rich people look nicer

  1. As a student, I totally hear you on the “cheap clothing is impossible” thing. I’m trying to resolve it by borrowing a friends sewing machine and teaching myself to sew. So far… ok. But I haven’t attempted anything hard so far, so I’m cheating a little.

  2. Barry Glibb says:

    Is there something you could fashion into a sarong? Also, Snuggies should be showing up on endcaps soon.

  3. Barry Glibb says:

    Just belt it, you’ll be fine.

  4. I don’t know if I can belt it, but hum a few words and I’ll fake it.

    • Barry Glibb says:

      I was in Walgreens tonight buying 50% off halloween candy and overheard another customer asking an employee if they carried magnets. She said no and suggest the Dollar Store a couple blocks away. The customer said, “no, I’m only allowed to shop at Walgreens.” For a moment, I thought fate had led me to you.

  5. Was she wearing leggings? This Walgreens thing is going viral!

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