Day 1 – East coast butter

East coast butterThe first day of my week living on Walgreens alone.

Ah, memories. When I first moved to San Francisco from New York City, I was obsessed with the sticks of butter. They’re different sizes! Why are butter sticks on the East coast long and skinny and on the West coast short and fat? It was a crazy mystery to me, even though no one I mentioned it to seemed to think twice about it.

And last night at the Westlake Walgreens, as we spent $97.12 on groceries for the week, I found East coast butter! Could it possibly be cheaper to import butter from the other side of the country? Could this possibly be related to the locked cabinet of Crest toothpaste products at the Bayview Walgreens?


One Response to Day 1 – East coast butter

  1. charmlessman says:

    YES! I just had this discussion with my housemates. They are both West Coasters (WA and OR) and I’m an East Coaster (NY) and I was wondering why all the butter looked different. I googled, “butter stick east coast west coast” and found your image. WEIRD!!

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