What’s the damage?

ReceiptsI wasn’t planning to do any kind of economic analysis of my Walgreens week, but Ellen suggested I save all my receipts, so I did. However, it wasn’t until I couldn’t spend money anywhere but Walgreens that I realized how much money I actually do spend elsewhere, without really thinking about it. And it’s usually on food or snacks.

Last Tuesday after I voted, I walked to the L train and thought, oh, I’ll get a cup of coffee and a custard tart at the Chinese bakery, since I’m right here. Oops, couldn’t do it. Thursday walking on Market Street I was suddenly parched and headed to the donut shop to buy a bottle of water. Oops, couldn’t do that either. At work, I really wanted to go out with Carolyn for our usual Specialty’s cookie at 3:30. Stop at the Peets in the Embarcadero Muni station? Go to the Ferry Building for a cup of gelato? Order pizza for dinner? All just a normal part of my middle class, disposable income lifestyle.

So what was the damage for my Walgreens week? $297.21. I have no idea how that compares to any other week of my life, but there it is.

That amount includes some things that will last much longer than a week (skin care products, clothing, cornstarch). It also includes a bunch of stuff that was/will be thrown away or donated. It doesn’t include all the items I bought from Walgreens ahead of time, like sweatshirts, dresses and corduroy slippers. And it doesn’t include the cost of my $60 Clipper card, even though I did buy it that week.



2 Responses to What’s the damage?

  1. ellen goldstein says:

    I love being part of your blog! And I think the exercise of looking at expenses is a good one… that I should probably do one week just to see…

    I’m glad you’re “takeaway message” was that you’re grateful for the things you do have, including choice. Not a bad lesson for a week’s experiment!

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