I’m such a baby

This was really hard. On Friday I was ready to give up the Walgreens ruse and go out for dinner. I mean, who would know if I were lying, right? I had a date Saturday afternoon, and I couldn’t find an outfit to wear that didn’t make me look like a sad suburban housewife. But I ended up with the perfect outfit: my pleather jacket and underwear. Joke.

I was also having a bad hair week. I just got bangs and have been trying to get used to them. Unfortunately, I felt like I had an 80s hairstyle with wings all week, which, on top of my 80s outfits, really sucked.

I’ve been thinking about why this week was so hard for me. Especially since nobody made me do it. The thing is, I hate being told what to do or not do, even if it’s only me talking to myself. I would not do well if I were ever incarcerated. I’m actually kinda surprised that I kept with it for a week and didn’t cheat.

Bottom line: I am extremely grateful for everything I have in my life. I am grateful that I have freedom of choice. I am grateful that I am a single adult and can pretty much do whatever the hell I want (when I’m not with my daughter). I am grateful that I live in San Francisco. I am grateful that I can wear my black boots tomorrow.

Mission and 1st Walgreens

I started out so enthusiastically...


2 Responses to I’m such a baby

  1. Susan Ackerman says:

    Pam – You are a truly a Sarah La woman! I’ve been to Walgreens once — I am going to stop in one today just to see what you could possibly subsist on for the week. Cosmetics? Luna bars (do they even have those?). I admire what you are trying to do here, and understand your gratefulness for all that we do have. Wondering how you came up with Walgreens…perhaps because of the impossibility of it? Did you see the documentary on the college kids who tried to go the last 6 weeks of a semester without computers? Carlson College or something like that. Think you’d like it. Hope its warm in SF (warmer than in NJ) and that your next date is fruitful. xo

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