Day 7 – Sauvignon blanc to the rescue

After bottoming out on this whole Walgreens thing yesterday, today was much better, a fitting end to the week. First of all, I didn’t really have to go anywhere, so it didn’t matter that I was wearing sweatpants, a baggy sweatshirt and slippers. Second of all, I planned a nice final dinner for myself and my daughter.

Pumpkin pieI made a pumpkin pie this afternoon. It was nice to bake, I felt like myself again. All we had left for dinner was frozen PF Chang sweet and sour chicken. So I took a last trip to the Westlake Walgreens to get rice and hopefully a salad. And guess what? All the wine and beer are on sale! So I got me some rice, and got me a bottle of Barefoot sauvignon blanc.

Had an early dinner, since the clocks outside may have changed, but our inner clocks haven’t adjusted. I lighted up a Walgreens fire log, served chicken, rice and canned peas, popped in the Dixie Chicks documentary I found for $3.99 last week, “Shut Up and Sing.” For desert, homemade pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream.Last dinner


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