Day 4 – Do I dare to eat a pear?

Full disclosure: I consumed something not bought at Walgreens today. I drank a cup of Good Earth tea. Although they do sell it there, so it could have been from Walgreens. I mean, for all I know the owners of the French bistro buy their tea from Walgreens…

I had an interview scheduled with Giuseppe and we had agreed to meet for lunch at a French bistro on 6th Street near Mission. Aww, man, I couldn’t believe I was going to have to pass up a yummy French bistro meal eaten on a rooftop patio. So I ordered a cup of tea and robotically consumed the cheese sandwich I had packed that morning, while Giuseppe enjoyed his ratatouille quiche and mixed green salad. Sigh.

Day 3 mealLast night’s meal was somewhat normal. It wasn’t all high-sodium packaged foods. Tuna melts, vegan minestrone soup and iceberg lettuce salad. Minestrone soup has vegetables, right? Iceberg lettuce is technically a green vegetable, and it’s fun to crunch, but it’s more like chewing water.

Yesterday I saw a woman eating a pear on the L train and I almost cried it was so beautiful.

Oh yeah, my outfit. Today I wore my favorite Walgreens dress. It was such a nice outfit I almost didn’t mind wearing corduroy slippers. Almost.Day 4 outfit


2 Responses to Day 4 – Do I dare to eat a pear?

  1. ellen goldstein says:

    Pammy- You are so creative and beyond fabulous! Not everyone could pull off the corduroy slippers, but you do. I’m loving the blog. What’s next after this week?

  2. I’m fantasizing about all the yummy food I’m going to eat as soon as the week is over…

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