Security walk the floor

I think I first heard this announcement when I was at the Walgreens on High Street in Oakland, picking up Ellen’s prescription. Then I heard it again at the Bayview Walgreens, and at a Walgreens downtown. “Security walk the floor.” Funny how I’d never heard that particular announcement before. Do Walgreens have security guards? I was at the Westlake Walgreens when I heard it yet again and it dawned on me: maybe it was more than just coincidence. Maybe they were calling security on me.

XXXL t-shirtHow suspicious is it for a 48-year-old woman to be slowly scouring the store, rifling through stacks of sweatshirts, touching all the canned goods, scrutinizing the locked case of Crest toothpaste products? Oh yeah, and taking flash photographs…

If I’m nabbed this week, at least I’ll have this blog as my alibi.


3 Responses to Security walk the floor

  1. Lori says:

    My daughter and I traveled to Pennsylvania for a wedding this weekend. We needed toiletries and snacks before heading to the hotel. We were directed to this Walgreens. Immediately upon entering the store, an announcement came over the PA: “Security, Walk the floor.” We were the only African American customers in this store. As other customers entered, there was no announcement made. After getting our items, I asked the cashier if the announcement was intended for us. She smiled and said that she was “just playing with buttons and pressed that one.” She apologized and said it wasn’t intended for us. She added that she was instructed by a co-worker to stop ‘messing with buttons. He walked over as she was talking and said that she could possibly run customers away. I agreed.
    This was a very disappointing experience; and I am sad that my daughter and I -collegiate, professional, respectable African American woman – would be treated this way.
    I was advised to contact my attorney; but my course of action was to write to you in hopes that this humiliating experience will not happen again.
    Something has to change. And we can not be afraid to voice our opinions when faced with blatant discrimination and racial profiling.

    • CLTBUCKEYE says:

      Why is it everyone else’s job to remove any stigma that solid statistics and data are proven again and again for certain categories? Maybe efforts should be made to improve these statistics in house rather than always blame the man for logical reactions to facts.

  2. Aurora says:

    This happened to us too. We are Indians and I don’t think the excuse ‘playing with the buttons ‘ is acceptable since it happened more than once when we enter Walgreens. I will not be going back there again.

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