Day 3 – Go Giants!

Giants paradeHow those scissors have come in handy! For my Giants parade look today, I simply sliced yesterday’s dress in half and wore it over an undershirt. Once again, quite an 80s kind of look, but today, as long as I’m wearing orange and black, no one’s gonna care.

I’ve got to hand it to the downtown Walgreens on 5th and Market. Most of the other large stores had shut down and dropped their gates, expecting rioting fans from the parade, I guess, but Walgreens stayed open. With an employee at the front entrance dutifully vacuuming up the ticker tape bits of paper being tracked in.

Along with 3 full aisles of San Francisco souvenirs (including a dozen different styles of jackets), this Walgreens has an amazing array of European cookies, presumably for all the homesick tourists who pop in. And the best news yet: I found a pair of pants! They’re sweatpants, but they don’t look so bad.Day3-outfit


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