Do people still get scurvy?

There’s plenty of prepared food to eat at Walgreens, and most sell ingredients like flour and sugar so I could actually bake. Lunches will be a snap and dinners can be frozen pizzas, macaroni and cheese with tuna, omelettes: pretty normal meals for us. My one concern is fruit and vegetables. A lot of Walgreens have bananas and apples, which is fine for fruit. But no fresh vegetables. Canned corn and frozen peas will do, I guess. Oops, I take that back, there’s always a nice packaged salad made with iceberg lettuce and a slice or two of cucumber.

The Westlake Walgreens is amazing. Three full aisles of food. An entire aisle of frozen and refrigerated items, and about half an aisle of Filipino and Chinese food items that I’ve never seen before in my life. And another half an aisle devoted solely to cookies. And let’s not forget the ChocoVine.

I’m not worried that we’ll get sick, I mean I’m not pulling a Supersize Me, but I do fear the worst: food that will make me farty.


2 Responses to Do people still get scurvy?

  1. Beth and Bonnie says:

    Wow! We are very supportive, but won’t be dining at your house this week! No scurvy- you can get those emergen-c, a bottle of super food or a bottle of orange juice.

  2. How about coming over for a nice cup of Starbucks instant coffee and a mini powdered donut?

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