These are a few of my favorite things

I have bought some pretty great things at Walgreens. Some of my faves:

Big bubble wand. It actually doesn’t make big bubbles, like I thought it would, but it makes lots of nice smaller bubbles. Do I use it that often? No. But I sure do like looking at it.

Nancy Drew. A few years ago Walgreens had tons of old movies on DVD for 99 cents. My absolute favorite featured Dick Tracy (featuring Boris Karloff!) on one side and Nancy Drew, Reporter on the other. It’s the most wonderful version of Nancy Drew I’ve ever seen, from 1939, with Bonita Granville as Nancy and Frankie Thomas as Ted. My daughter and I loved it so much we tracked down the other 3 of the only 4 episodes filmed. And I paid $15-20 for them via e-Bay.

Other gems from that lot that introduced my daughter to a range of fabulous movies and old TV shows: Our Gang, very young Shirley Temple (before she got too cutesy), Gumby, Popeye, Laurel and Hardy.




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