What should I wear?

I think the true turning point for putting my “Living on Walgreens Alone” idea into reality was buying a great dress from the Walgreens at Mission and First. This is my favorite Walgreens for clothes so far. A month or two ago a rack of dresses magically appeared in the clothing section. I bought a blue and black abstract print polyester dress ($14.99), paired it with my black boots and wore it to Ellen’s birthday dinner in Oakland. Every single homeless man I passed walking from BART 5 blocks down Broadway complimented me on it.

I had been a little concerned that I’d be forced to wear sweat pants and slippers, but the dress made me feel like I it was possible to wear only Walgreens and still look OK.

My daughter, on the other hand, has it a bit easier. She’s loved Walgreens for their t-shirts that she paints, slices and dices, and turns into her own fashion. And her basic every day outfit for school is skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. She owns three or four Walgreens sweatshirts already. In fact, she told me that for Christmas she wanted all the different colors of sweatshirts.

This morning when she started in on the familiar “I have nothing to wear” tirade, I told her I’d give her two sweatshirts I bought her and was saving for Christmas. She chose the light brown one to wear. “This color is somewhere between barf and tan,” she said. “I like it.”


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