Triangular sandwiches

I actually like Walgreens prepared food. There, I said it. I often go for lunch and buy the tuna or egg salad sandwich on white bread, cut diagonally and packaged in a triangle! That, a bag of fritos and a coke makes for the perfect midday meal. 

It’s just a simple sandwich on white bread with a small amount of salad–not like the usual American sandwiches with gluttonous globs of filling, spilling over with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, etc. etc. Makes me nostalgic for England.

Once I was downtown with my daughter and we wanted to see a movie at 5:30. It was 5:10 and we didn’t have time to get food at a restaurant, but I knew if she didn’t eat she’d be unbearably cranky when the movie ended. So we ran to the Walgreens on Market next to the Old Navy. Bought some hard boiled eggs, string cheese, granola bars, bottle of water and Red Vines for the movie. The eggs even came with little salt and pepper packets.

So yeah, I think we’ll do fine eating only Walgreens food for a week. Although as Andy noted on the last post, they don’t sell alcohol…


One Response to Triangular sandwiches

  1. Tina says:

    Any idea the brand on the sandwich? I fell in love w/ the egg salad and the tuna salad sandwiches last time i was traveling. i got to my destination & went straight to walgreens just for those sandwiches, and was honestly looking forward to them. I discovered they are now selling a Delish sandwich that my husband had brought home to me once about a year ago from a Duane Reede. I really didn’t like it. There was no comparison to the one you have pictured, and the price is twice as much.

    I am wanting to find who the maker of the triangle sandwiches is so that I can seek them out. If you can remember or enlarge your photo to read it, i’d appreciate it.

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