An idea is born

I love Walgreens. I used to wander through the Walgreens on the corner of Mission and New Montgomery with my friend Ellen during lunch. We’d try on lipstick, buy art supplies, pick up prescriptions. There were so many fabulously weird and wonderful items there, from squishy pillows covered in faux fur, to “as advertised on TV” dryer balls, to eco-friendly make-up brushes, to DVDs of old Our Gang episodes. I could spend hours going up and down the aisles.

One day, after noticing that they sold underwear and sweatpants, I said “I could live off Walgreens for months and never need anything else.” The idea got stuck in the back of my head and never left.

Starting Monday, November 1, I will live by Walgreens alone for one week. And my 13-year-old daughter will join me. That’s right, nothing but stuff bought from Walgreens for a whole week–food, clothes, entertainment, household needs. OK, it’s not months and months, but it’s a start.


2 Responses to An idea is born

  1. Andy says:

    Do they sell alcohol?

  2. Agh! I hadn’t even thought of that. No, they don’t sell alcohol. Unless you count Nyquil…

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